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Decking Cradle
Eurodec Adjustable Decking Cradle

A Levelling Solution for Uneven Floors & Roof Decks
> Self-Levelling
> No Packers Required
> Easy to Install

The Eurodec Cradle System is a patented self-levelling joist support system used for levelling uneven floors and supporting roof decking. The system is fully tested and conforms to the Loading Conditions for the Flooring as laid down in BS5399.
Its unique design and buttress thread enables the cradle to carry high loads with finite adjustment to allow for accurate levelling of the floor / deck surface.

It is the ideal solution for supporting timber joists for decking purposes on balconies and roof terraces. The unique recycled plastic body is designed to support joists keeping them off the roof deck and away from the drainage of the roof. Cradles can be adjusted to allow for the falls in the roof. The cellular rubber base support spreads and softens the impact of the imposed load.

The cradle can also be used on uneven and out of level floors. The design enables the soft sprung feel of a timber floor to be achieved over concrete sub-bases. The cradle allows for fast installation and removes the need for wet and slow drying times normally associated with cementicious screeds. The void created by the cradle can also be insulated or used for service runs etc. The system is ideal for use in fast track building programs or conservatory floors.

Technical Information
The cradle acts purely as a loading support, so care should be taken when loading the cradle to ensure that the sub-base can accept the load. The table of load centres is for a standard joist size. The load can be distributed by increasing the number of cradles.

> Diameter: 90mm
> Height: 55mm
> Load Capability: 7 kN/mē
> Adjustability:
10mm - 40mm
   (Greater heights can
    be achieved using
    base plates)

Note: This is a flat-based product, it has a rubber pad on the bottom of the cradle.
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