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Lithofin Sealants
Lithofin MN Stain Stop

In common with all cement based products, spillages from foodstuffs, algae growth and airborne contaminants can lead to staining and discolouration.
Where the aesthetic appearance is especially important it is advisable to protect the tile surface.

Eurodec Promenade Tiles has combined with Lithofin, recognised as the worlds leading manufacturer of products for the cleaning, protecting and maintaining of stone, ceramic and concrete tiles. On request tiles can be factory treated with Lithofin
MN Stain Stop. For in-situ applications MN Stain Stop Eco a water based version is recommended, this can be supplied in either 1 litre or 5 litre quantities depending on the size of the area. Lithofin cleaning and maintaining products are also
available, please contact us for further details.

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