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Rubber Tiles
Eurodec Premier Rubber Tiles are specifically designed to be loose laid on balconies, terraces and roof gardens. They are compatible with most flat roof substrates including felt, apshalt, single ply, EPDM and fibre glass. The tiles are available in a number of different colours which can be mixed and matched to create laying patterns and eye-catching combinations. The textured surface provides a high degree of anti-slip protection whilst the rubber composition offers excellent noise deadening and thermal insulation properties. In addition the product has a critical fall height of 1m making it a safe option for areas frequented by children and the elderly.

Rainwater drains quickly and efficiently through the product due to its porous nature. Drainage channels located on the reverse of the tile then direct the water to outlets reducing the problem of standing water. Unlike rubber tiles with pointed egg-box shaped backing the underside is flat. This prevents point-loading which can cause indentations when laid on asphalt substrates. Manufactured to the highest European technical standards using top quality recycled rubber granulate, polymer binders and iron oxide pigments the tiles are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Installation is quick and straight-forward making this the perfect product for DIY enthusiasts. The tiles interlock using integrated connector pins located on the sides. This stops displacement and buckling associated with adhered systems. The tiles are also available with a protective fleece backing for use on PVC single ply membranes.

Samples available on request

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> Easy to install. Four integrated
   connector pins - reduces labour

> Anti-Slip and quick draining. With
   underside drainage channels.

> Accoustic insulating properties.
   Deadens noise from foot traffic.

> Enviromentally friendly. 
   Manufactured from recycled

> Thermal insulation.

> Safe and comfortable to walk
   on even with bare feet.

> Exended life span.Frost proof,
   will not crack or rot.
  Premier Rubber Tile
  500 x 500 x 30mm
  (4 tiles per m)
  Premier Rubber
  Tile Weight
  5kg per tile (25kg per m)
  Commercial Rubber
  Tile Dimensions
  1010 x 990 x 30mm
  (1 tile per m)
  Commercial Rubber
  Tile Weight
  5kg per tile (25kg per m)
  Pigmented polyurethane
  bound rubber granulate
  Fire Resistance
  B2 (DIN 4102 Part 1)
  Slip Resistance
  72 Dry 64 Wet - Low
  potential for  slip (P.S.T)
  Critical Fall Height
  1 metre
  Chemical Resistance
  Conditionally resistant to
  acids and bases
  Cold Fracture
  24 h / -40C No fracture
Technical Information
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