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PU Adhesive
Eurodec PU Adhesive is a structured, moisture curing polyurethane adhesive designed to bond Eurodec tiles to asphalt and felt. It can be used in damp and humid weather conditions that normally prohibit the laying of tiles. Supplied in 1.5Kg bottles (coverage: 50 tiles approx) as well as new 1.4KG cartridges (coverage: 45 tiles approx) to fit the easy to use applicator gun as illustrated.
The material has a 6 month shelf from the date of purchase. Despite its suitability in adverse weather conditions it should not be used if rainfall is anticipated immediately after use as exposure to standing water in an uncured state will result in a loss of adhesion. Similarly PU Adhesive should not be used on substrates likely to be affected by frost, or temperatures below 5 degrees centigrade, prior to full cure.

The nozzle should be cut to allow a 5mm bead (fig. 1) to be applied onto the tiles in 3 zig-zag shaped lines leaving a 20mm adhesive free border around the perimeter of the tile but extended to the corners of the inner area (fig. 2).The beads must be within the necessary tolerances to ensure an even expansion and subsequent level finish.
Not more than 6 tiles must be prepared in advance (fig.3). Once applied to the tile PU Adhesive will begin to react with moisture in the atmosphere, prolonged exposure will result in a part cure leading to a reduced adhesion. Once in place downward pressure must be applied to the tile to achieve optimum contact with the substrate.
This will facilitate an outward linear expansion to the edges and corners resulting in an ultimate coverage of some 70-80%. Follow this procedure for cut tiles. Excess adhesive may exude into the movement joint. It is important to allow this to cure fully before careful mechanical removal is attempted. Great care should be taken to avoid uncured PU spillages onto tile surfaces as staining will occur.
Curing times for PU will vary depending on atmospheric conditions and temperature; however it is recommended a 24 hour period should be allowed before the tiles can be trafficked.
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